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Wine and the Bible

Whether it be a wedding toast or the communion cup, wine often accompanies life’s special and sacred moments. Come and join us as we experience the joy of food and wine together and learn about the meaningful metaphor of wine in the Bible: a symbol of life, death, and abundance. Nathan Stucky (practical theologian and Director of Princeton Seminary’s Farminary) will lead us to reflect on wine and the practice of communion through the eyes of a farmer, considering how community, care, and attention frame the way we view this produce and this practice. Lindsey Trozzo (biblical scholar and Associate Director of Digital Learning at Princeton Seminary) will lead us to reflect on how we might read the Bible as wine drinkers, paying attention to subtle layers that bring new insights into how the text might be meaningful for our lives.

Friday, March 29th
Manufacturers Country Club
511 Dreshertown Road, Ft. Washington, PA 19034
7:00 PM

$20 suggested Donation, wine tasting and light appetizers