May 5, 2016

Interfaith Hospitality Network
On Tuesday and Thursday evenings in May, Grace will again be providing and serving meals through the Interfaith Hospitality Network at Rhawnhurst Presbyterian Church (10 minutes away). This is a great opportunity for families with children to participate. Dinner hosts are asked to arrive by 6:15, serve dinner at 6:45 and stay for fellowship until the overnight host arrives at 8:30.  There are presently 2 mothers and 5 children being served. To sign up or find out more, please contact Claire McHugh at or 215-690-4928.


Adult Education
This will be Adult Ed's final message before the summer break, titled "Here in our Midst." Please join us as we acknowledge and discuss the mysterious and great presence of our living god.


Child Sponsorship
Want to Change the World?  Sponsor a Child! The big difference that sponsorship makes is that it expands children’s views about their own possibilities. Many of these children don’t think they are capable of much.  We help them realize that they are given special gifts from GOD to benefit their communities, and we try to help them develop aspirations for their future. 

Child Sponsorship offers hope to children and families in rural villages served by our mission partners in Ghana.  On Sunday, May 15th we can once again stretch our hearts to love those the world forgets.  Child Sponsorship offers hope to children and their families and to the entire community. 

Dennis is the youngest of 6 children in a rural village in Ghana, north of Accra.  His father died when he was an infant, leaving his mother alone to try to feed and provide food for him and his brothers and sisters.  International Needs Ghana has a school in Dennis’s village.  Through Child Sponsorship Dennis is going to school. He has a uniform, 2 meals a day at school, and school supplies.  More importantly, Dennis has hope.  He plans to become a doctor one day so he can help his community.  

Child Sponsorship is a simple way for us to put our faith in action as we reach out across the globe to show the love of Christ to the poorest of His people.   Join us in the Palmer Room after the worship services on Sunday, May 15th to select your next child for sponsorship.   The children are waiting…


Benjamin Van Buren