MAY 19, 2016

New Children's Ed Curriculum

Over the last few months we have been researching a new curriculum and have landed on a VBS model that will depart greatly from our current craft based curriculum.  A significant portion of our decision is based on how the new curriculum will affect our children and their spiritual development. We hope that they will gain a deeper understanding of scripture through various differentiated activities.

The premise of this new curriculum is to teach all students, ages 4 through 5 th grade, the same themes on their respective levels. Each session is comprised of four stations that include art, music, science, movies, games and cooking. 

Our hope is to include a broader pool of volunteers comprised of those who enjoy one on one interactions with students as well for members of the church who have a specific skill set to impart on the students. The goal of our new curriculum is to “set the table” so that the youth of Grace can grow and become successful and participating members of our congregation.

Benjamin Van Buren