Sunday Schedule


  • Nursery Care Available for infants and toddlers ages 3 months through 3 years are welcome upstairs in the Lamb Room for nursery care


  • Worship in the Chapel with communion every week


  • Adult Education coffee and refreshments in the Palmer Room before the class begins at 9:30

  • Middle School Bible Study for students 6th-8th grade

  • Children's Choir Rehearsals for children 4 years-5th grade (Cherub Choir - Dove Room) (Chapel Choir - Whale Room)


  • Worship in the Sanctuary

  • Children’s Education following the Word to the Children

    • 3 months to 3 years old: upstairs in the Nursery (Lamb Room)

    • 2 & 3 year olds: upstairs in the Whale Room

    • 4 & 5 year olds: upstairs in the Lion Room

    • Kindergarten & 1st grade: upstairs in the Elephant Room

    • 2nd & 3rd grade: downstairs in the Dove Room

    • 4th & 5th grade: downstairs in the Camel Room


  • Coffee Hour please join us after worship service for refreshments and fellowship in the Palmer Room

Volunteer Calendar

Below is the schedule of volunteers who graciously help out every week for our 8:30am and 10:30am services. To see a different view, use the Week/Month/Agenda tabs on the right. Team calendars can be toggled using the pull-down menu to the right of the these tabs.

Usher Teams

Week 1: Kurt Heiselmoyer, Chai Hutapea, Deborah Adair, Jennifer Weinstein, Joel Wagoner, Karen Peterman, Leslie Lewis, Ray Mayers
Week 2: Bill Skyrm, Charles Redden, Philip Kuhl, Suzy Kiefner, Jeff Satterthwaite, Joel Wagoner, Peter Davis, Steve Alexander
Week 3: Joel Wagoner, Charles Redden, Debbie Butler, Joe Medwid, Rob Hudson
Week 4: Dave Alexander, Dave Rufibach, Jay Conners, Joel Wagoner, Mimi Craig, Sandy DiGiulio, Tom Erwine

Coffee Hour Teams

Week 1: Cathy French, Lisa Rutkowski, Connie Ebert, Roberta Scherf, Donna Jones, Renee Rufibach
Week 2: Mimi Satterthwaite, Nancy Skyrm, Nancy Hellendall , Betsy Alexander, Darlene Reeves
Week 3: Joan Heiselmoyer, Sandy DiGiulio , Debra Adair , Allison Conners, Christy Pietsch-Hutapea , Jenifer Eyre
Week 4: Sara Lang , Ruth Fuelleborn, EB Kelly, Doris Schulz, Beth Lipa