Sunday School FAQs


You’ve probably thought about it, you may have even considered it.

But you just don’t know what it all entails.

If this your sentiment when it comes to the notion of volunteering as a Sunday School teacher at Grace, we understand. But we’d also like to explain what to expect and thanks in advance if after reading this consideration turns into commitment.

So there are two types of volunteers: station leaders and shepherds. Consider the latter the intro to Sunday School teaching phase as Shepherds simply guide students to their stations (which rotate every week in a 4-6 week session) and is responsible for attendance and one-on-one interaction with both children and parents. Unlike the roles of a station leader, who creates lesson plans each week based on given curriculum for their assigned station, a shepherd is merely there to assist.

To do so each week, a Shepherd simply needs to:

  • Arrive in pews no later than 10:20 a.m. on a worship Sunday.
  • Take attendance each week.
  • Use the tools and journals that will be in provided shepherd bags and return said bag back to the bin next to the bookshelf across from the nursery.

Station leaders hold a bit more responsibility. As keepers of the week’s activity, Station leaders will need to simply consult the prepared and provided materials and lessons found on the bookshelf across from the nursery, should additional items need to be purchased just deliver receipts to Children’s Education team for reimbursement.

Should you commit as either a Shepherd or Station Leader and are unable to make your week’s assignment, it’d be ideal if you could find a suitable replacement or contact Kelly Hudson, Grace’s director of children’s ministry. Also, Kelly is a great resource for the bouncing of ideas, direction or any modifications in schedule.

Lastly, signing up as a volunteer has been made simpler through the use of the church’s registration form. Just pick your week, your ideal station fill out the form. For easy reference the link is:

We hope this quick tutorial makes your decision easier as when it comes to our kids and making sure they receive the most rewarding Sunday School experience, we’ll take all the help we can get.