A Letter from the Session

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With humble and grateful hearts, the Session of Grace Presbyterian Church is excited to announce a plan to search for two called Associate Pastors.  This bold step supports goals and strategies in our ReVision Plan.

We have already been planning to call an Associate Pastor to provide spiritual and organizational leadership for Grace’s evangelism initiatives, for the Board of Deacons and its various ministries, and for Adult Education. This Associate Pastor will also be responsible for continued growth in church-wide fellowship and intergenerational activities and will engage in pastoral care.  This is an outgrowth of the position Pastor Judy Dwyer currently fills on an interim basis.

Today, Session proposes to turn the existing position for Director of Student Ministry into an Associate Pastor position. Over the past few years, two search committees have worked hard to find a Director of Student Ministry, but we have been disappointed with the number and the quality of applicants. However, creating and sustaining a vital Youth and Young Adult Ministry at Grace stands as a top priority in our ReVision Plan.  Session has wrestled with the gap between our vision and goals and our inability to fill our Director of Student Ministry position.  

Through prayer, conversation, and discernment we feel called to change the position from Director of Student Ministry to Associate Pastor.  This will both increase the applicant pool and give us applicants with greater maturity and training. Adding support for Mission to the duties of this position will provide support for a ministry area that has been understaffed as well as a vital link between our youth ministries and our mission efforts.

The position of Associate Pastor will require higher compensation than an unordained youth director.  We are blessed to have already received a generous gift that covers the difference in salary for several years between a Director of Student Ministry (unordained) and a called Associate Pastor.  (Our current budget includes salary for a Director of Student Ministry.)  This gift enables us to call and install an Associate Pastor for Youth, Young Adults, and Mission without adding that salary difference to our budget immediately.  

The staffing model needed to fulfill the ReVision Plan will still require us to grow in generosity, as it includes the newly-filled part-time positions of Director of Children’s Ministry and Communications Coordinator. For our vision to become a reality your faithful prayer and generous giving are needed so that we can fulfill our Mission: To Know Christ and Make Him Known.

Following the 10:30 a.m. service on Nov. 19, Session members will be available for a Q&A in the Chapel. Additionally, a Congregational Meeting has been called for Dec. 3 following the 10:30 a.m. service to elect the two search teams.

Together in Christ’s service,  

Mimi Satterthwaite, Clerk
Judy Alexander
Andrew Barnett
Susan Dorshimer
Tom Erwine
Doug Geer
Rob Hudson
Philip Kuhl
Kathryn Limmer
Don Pizer
Darlene Reeves
John Van Buren