Grace Mission Study

We, the Session of Grace Presbyterian Church and the members of the Revision Task Force, gratefully and joyfully announce the results of our 2016 Mission Study.  Please read the Executive Summary and the full report below. 

Following the feedback meetings in September, the strategic plan that resulted from the mission study has gone through a final revision.  This final version has been approved by the Session and will be formally presented to the congregation in worship on November 13.  

For us to successfully implement this plan, your  prayers and participation will be vital.  Accordingly, in the coming weeks the task force will seek volunteers to carry out the plans above.  Please prayerfully consider stepping up and lending your support on a team or committee as we embark on this exciting journey together.

Thank you for you participation, we look forward to working together with you.

The Mission Task Force Team
Robert Hudson
Philip Kuhl
John Still

Mission Study Executive Summary

Grace Church ReVision Plan