Grace is a Presbyterian church and therefore is ruled by an elected group of people called elders. In our churches we have "teaching elders" who are pastors and "ruling elders" who are called from the congregation.    

The word elder stems from the Greek word presbuteros in the New Testament. Each year, faithful members of the congregation are called forth to do the work of ruling elder. Ruling elders make decisions regarding the future of the congregation and oversee the ministry of the pastors and lay people.  

In the New Testament, those who were teaching about Jesus saw that there was great need among the people in addition to learning about the way of Jesus. In order to share the work, people were appointed as deacons to serve those who were sick, poor or in need. The word deacon comes from the Greek word diakonos which means servant. We appoint people in our congregations as deacons to do this important work.  

Current Elders and Deacons:

The Session

The Session is the government board of a Presbyterian Church. The Session consists of elders, elected by the congregation for three-year terms, and the pastor.


Class of 2020
Judy Alexander
Josh Jablonski
Kathryn Limmer

Class of 2021
Tom Erwine
Philip Kuhl
Susan Schaumburg

Class of 2022
Patty Cline
Rob Hudson
Greg Jones
Maria Lorenz


Moderator: Pastor Sandy Hull Clerk: Kathryn Limmer 

Team Leadership Committee Chairs

Personnel — Leslie Gerhard
Property — Vacant
Stewardship & Administration — Don Pizer
Student Ministry — Tom Stoudt
Worship — Sandy DiGiulio

Adult Education — Vacant
Children’s Education — Kurt Heiselmoyer
Growth & Outreach — Bob MacFarland
Mission — Michele Smeal
Nominating — Tom Erwine

Team and Committee Elder Liaisons

Personnel — Patty Cline
Property — Rob Hudson
Stewardship & Administration — Vacant
Student Ministry — Josh Jablonski
Worship — Susan Schaumburg

Adult Education — Greg Jones
Children’s Education — Judy Alexander
Growth & Outreach — Maria Lorenz
Mission — Philip Kuhl
Nominating — Tom Erwine

Board of Deacons

The Board of Deacons is responsible for ministries of care and compassion. Deacons are elected by the congregation for three-year terms. Student Deacons are elected by the congregation for one-year terms.


Class of 2020
Steve Alexander
Ben Danilak (student deacon)
Hank Schneider
Bob Steck
Gretchen Van Buren

Class of 2021
Claire Alderfer
Jean Landis
Christy Pietsch
Cindy Wollman

Class of 2022
Fontain Mayers
Donna Payne
Steve Spindler


We ask that you continue to keep them and their important leadership in your prayers.