February 2019

Dear Friends,

Your Session is so grateful to all who attended our Annual Congregational Meeting last week. We offer thanks again to the Deacons and all the other volunteers who served us by energetically cooking, serving and cleaning up while the meeting was ongoing.

We are also grateful for constructive suggestions received during our Annual Meeting. Please be assured the concerns and suggestions raised will be discussed at upcoming Stated Session meetings. Thank you for praying for us.
We have so much to celebrate and rejoice in as God leads us forward in the implementation of the final phase of our ReVision Plan: Grace Changes Lives.

We are encouraged by your resounding response to our ambitious stewardship campaign and can feel the contagious excitement as together we move forward into our community To Know Christ and Make Him Known.

Already over 150 people came and served with us on our first Martin Luther King Day of Service. Many people worked behind the scenes to provide this opportunity, and by grace the work was completed an hour ahead of schedule all in an atmosphere of warm fellowship and fun.

The first of our monthly intergenerational fellowship dinners will be held later this month on February 12th. This is a great opportunity for us to come together both in sharing a meal and, for the truly adventurous, in preparing meals. Meal sharing can be a wonderful time for deepening relationships, telling stories of our past and dreaming of our future together.

Plans are already underway for three separate mission trips this summer—middle school, high school, and adult—for those of us able to serve outside our community.

We are excited to see how the Holy Spirit continues to call us and move us to action for this time in this community. God’s grace is ours to have and ours to share. This grace changes lives.

In gratitude,
The Session

Judy Alexander
Rob Hudson
Darlene Reeves
Doug Geer
Philip Kuhl
Susan Schaumburg
Tom Erwine
Kathryn Limmer
Mimi Satterthwaite
Sandy Hull
Kristen Levens
Stephanie Templin Ashford

Michaela Payne