March 2018

March 2018

There are two Associate Pastor Nominating Committees (APNC) hard at work. The APNC for Youth Ministries had their Ministry Information Form (MIF) completed and approved by the Presbytery at the beginning of February and is already receiving matches of candidates for this position. The APNC for General Ministries submitted their MIF to Session for its February meeting and it is now approved by Session and Presbytery. The next step is to post the position live on the PCUSA’s website.

The Session has commissioned a Task Force to oversee the transition in staffing. The members of the Task Force are Andrew Barnett, Doug Geer, Susan Dorshimer, Nancy Hellendhal and John Van Buren. Staff at Grace will be changing in 2018 and, with prayer and God’s will, we will be welcoming two associate pastors in the coming months. In order to prepare for a successful start, we are preparing a comprehensive onboarding plan as well as preparing office space for the new staff.

The Communications Team continues to search for a new coordinator of communications and prayers for this are needed. The Vista will be published quarterly by the members of the Team until a staff person can be hired.

The Adult Education Team, with the assistance of Pastor Judy, has been busy with the Lenten series and is now planning for a series of programs this spring. The first series will focus on mental health and this will be followed by a mini-series on addiction. Then we will be hosting speakers from "Heeding God's Call", an organization that receives funds from our Presbytery in order to assist in its efforts to end gun violence. Session supports the spring program and the opportunity for difficult conversations and growth as we serve in God’s name.

With blessings,

Mimi Satterthwaite
Clerk of Session

Session members:
Judy Alexander
Andrew Barnett
Susan Dorshimer
Tom Erwine
Doug Geer
Kathryn Limmer
Rob Hudson
Philip Kuhl
Don Pizer
Darlene Reeves
John Van Buren

Michaela Payne