February 2018

February 2018

 Summary Report from the Music Task Force

In the fall, the Session commissioned a Music Task Force to communicate with church
members to get a sense of a desired direction for our music program. The task was a first step
toward seeking a new Music Director; it seemed logical to know where we want to go and then
find a staff member to get there.

The Task Force members were Kathryn Limmer, Bethany Lipa, Russ Starke, Carole Young,
Chris Hoyler and Susan Dorshimer.

The task force found that there is a clear vision that music in many different forms, is an integral
part of the ministry at Grace Church. Music is essential and central to our worship, and its role
should be sustained and enhanced.

The following general steps are necessary to grow and enhance the music program at Grace.

  • Chancel Choir needs support for increased participation and new ideas

  • More music, more kinds of music and more opportunities for music participation should be available to all

  • New and different choirs/music groups, including all ages need to be developed

  • It is important to honor our traditions while challenging ourselves to grow and develop

This information will provide a general guide us as we look for a new Music Director. It is important for Grace Church to have a director who will involve the congregation and sustain and build our meaningful music program.

Michaela Payne