Beth McKeown
Office Support

A Jenkintown resident, Beth has a background in education, social justice, graphic facilitation, organizational change, and assistive technology. Upon the birth of her sister Jennifer, Beth was called to learn, support, and work alongside with and for persons with disabilities, their families, and communities. While in the midst of raising young children, working and negotiating some health challenges, Beth had her “aha” moment of recognizing that life was too short to be constantly stressed and unhappy. She then chose to slow down her pace and enjoy being a full time mom and community volunteer. Beth continues to empower children, teens and adults experiencing disability, as well as their families and supporters with creating meaningful education/schooling, work, recreational, leisure and spiritual communities. She also enjoys spending time with her children, family and friends, as well as reading, music, a good cup of coffee, travel, exploring new cultures, listening to stories, meeting new people, walks in nature, cooking, and doodling.

(215) 887-6117 extension 10